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I’m Baaaaaaaack

Posted in General Thoughts on February 6, 2015 by Genius

Anyone still here? It’s been a long time, I know. I’ve been doing most of my writing for the last year or two anonymously. It’s been enjoyable to say whatever I want, even if my readership was relatively tiny as a result. I had even hidden this site for a bit. Don’t worry, I’ll bring back the good posts bit-by-bit. I felt the need to more carefully curate what had been over a decade of assorted grabasstic raving. After all, this place has my name in the domain.

This blog has been with me for a very long time. It’s seen a major change of career, from poker player to entrepreneur. It’s seen marriages and other relationships come and go. It’s seen the world change in numerous ways.

Unfortunately my personal blogging had been suffering from a bit of an identity crisis. And as distribution outlets like Google Reader went down one by one, succumbing to things I either barely comprehend (Twitter) or don’t much enjoy (Facebook) it began to feel pointless. There’s a certain dread you can only experience when your blog has just enough readers that you have to be careful what you say, but not enough that it really matters to your life.

I’m trying to avoid the totally cliché metaphor of the phoenix here, but you see where I’m going. I’m ready to start again. I’ll keep some of the more niche items I care about anonymous, like my totally bitchin’ cocktail blog. But the general purpose brain dump will go here.

So it’s good to see you again dear reader. It’s been too long.