And I Saw My Reflection In The Snow-Covered Hills….

I’ve been predicting a landslide Hillary victory since it became clear who the nominees were. There were definitely a couple weeks there, especially right before the first debate, where it felt shaky. (Right after the RNC the gap narrowed, but you expect the convention bounce.)

My friends (and many pundits) who were predicting a Trump victory always tossed in the “unless some big scandal breaks” clause.  To which my usual response was “that’s exactly why I think it’ll be a landslide.”

See, when you run for President, everything in your past comes out. It’s the equivalent of a roadside colonoscopy. And Donald Trump’s past is his greatest weakness. He’s spent an entire lifetime being one of the worst humans in the world. He’s the worst version of what happens when you’re born with hundreds of millions of dollars and told you’re going to be the king of the world when you grow up. He’s the high school bully with a trust fund and a get out of jail free card.

The Trump pundits will say we got lucky predicting he’d get routed. But the fact is, if he managed to get through to November without scandal after scandal, or managed to actually win a debate against an opponent who is far harder working, significantly more intelligent, and infinitely more knowledgeable, they’d be the lucky ones.


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