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A user wrote a comment I thought was worthy of a reply here:

“Argue that it was written word-for-word by lobbyists and endorsed by the politicians they pay.”

While entertainment and drug companies are certainly pushing hard for this bill to go through, you can bet anything that tech giants like Google and Facebook are lobbying right back at them from the other end, for the obvious monetary reasons. You think those companies are any less seedy and willing to pay off a politician or two?

The fact is that SOPA was introduced to prevent crime. The only legitimate argument against it (which is why I don’t support the bill) is that it will fail spectacularly in preventing what it is intended to do. But I think the intentions of the bill are good and if there was some way to alter it to make it more effective I would support it.

I wouldn’t argue that tech companies are morally superior to drug or media ones for sure. But I would definitely argue that we’ve seen time and again that they are very, very poor at playing the political game.

I think that’s largely due to youth. There haven’t been companies making large amounts of money from the internet for very long. They partially just haven’t figured it out yet. The movie studios have had a century to learn how to abuse our political system. Give Google and Facebook some time.

It’s also due to an undeserved notion of meritocracy. The best service should win, we all feel, not the one best at playing the game.

I think we’ll see a stronger, concerted lobbying arm for Silicon Valley in the not too distant future. That should at least keep ridiculous bills like SOPA from ever becoming a threat.

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